An Unprecedented Partnership

By October 3, 2017 Design
Modern Architecture

In an unprecedented move, Madison Taylor has partnered with renowned local architect, Erin Hoffman, to create an organization that is truly dedicated to collaboration and integrated design.   The new organization, “Hoffman Taylor Inc” will run as an independent architecture firm, but will be located in the Madison Taylor Studio in Midhurst Ontario, which will allow for true collaboration between two interlocked disciplines.

“We have always understood the importance of integrated design and incorporating both designers and architects early on in a project and in a collaborative environment.  This partnership will allow for this collaboration at a more intimate level, which will ultimately give our clients both better service and a better product, which is the cornerstone of our business and design philosophy.  This partnership is an opportunity to combine experience and increase our design diversity and enhance our capability.” says Madison Taylor.

Although many architecture firms also provide some interior design services, the formation of Hoffman Taylor creates an atmosphere where the interior and exterior of the structure is constructed harmoniously with both disciplines working together.