Madison Taylor Featured by Reynaers

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A Madison Taylor Integrated Design Build project is featured by Reynaers alongside some of the most beautiful buildings around the world.  Reynaers is an aluminum company that designs and develops some of the most cutting edge glazing solutions for both the living and working environment.  Reynaers is being specified by the world’s leading architects and has been used in multiple Madison Taylor projects across Canada.

“We like Reynaers as their products are of extremely high quality and they have the experience to develop custom glass curtain walls and door systems that are beyond what many other companies can offer.   Aluminum is a great product for windows and doors as it is lightweight, strong, durable and Reynaers creates a product that integrates well with automation and security systems and has excellent energy ratings.”

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Modern Architecture

An Unprecedented Partnership

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In an unprecedented move, Madison Taylor has partnered with renowned local architect, Erin Hoffman, to create an organization that is truly dedicated to collaboration and integrated design.   The new organization, “Hoffman Taylor Inc” will run as an independent architecture firm, but will be located in the Madison Taylor Studio in Midhurst Ontario, which will allow for true collaboration between two interlocked disciplines.

“We have always understood the importance of integrated design and incorporating both designers and architects early on in a project and in a collaborative environment.  This partnership will allow for this collaboration at a more intimate level, which will ultimately give our clients both better service and a better product, which is the cornerstone of our business and design philosophy.  This partnership is an opportunity to combine experience and increase our design diversity and enhance our capability.” says Madison Taylor.

Although many architecture firms also provide some interior design services, the formation of Hoffman Taylor creates an atmosphere where the interior and exterior of the structure is constructed harmoniously with both disciplines working together.


Kitchen Island Designs

30 Amazing Interior Design Companies in Ontario

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Madison Taylor is listed as one of Ontario’s 30 Amazing Design Companies in Ontario.

“Interior design is more than some finishing touches on a building – it’s what turns a house into a home. A good team of interior designers can not only help suit your home to your style – they can help you actually discover your style in the first place! These thirty interior design firms from Toronto are some of the best out there. They can certainly help you build an inspired nest for your family.”

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Modern Architecture

Madison Taylor Modern Design

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Another Madison Taylor modern design build is currently under construction.  This home breaks away from the traditional cookie cutter designs of the area and relies more on the surrounding land to determine the form and layout.  Madison Taylor’s residential designs, including this modern family home, are designed to showcase the architectural and interior design of the home – with focus on uncluttered space rather than any decor.

Modern House Design

Braestone Development

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“I had rather be on my farm than be the emperor of the world.”  George Washington

Madison Taylor is proud to announce  that as of January 2016, it has become the lead design firm for the prestigious Braestone Development, a community known for its simple, but strikingly modern interpretation of ‘country style’ influenced by the farmhouses, sheds and barns of the Oro-Medonte region.


Home Renovation

A Madison Taylor Renovation

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This full renovation is easily recognized as a “Madison Taylor” design with the addition of basement level parking and the exterior finish combination of real stone integrated with a sleek, modern siding material.  The roof of this Oakville home has also been given its own identity with a mix of commercial grade standing seam steel and environmentally friendly shingles, another interesting combination found in many of Madison’s designs.



Modern House Design

Modern Integration

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Add a modern flat roof addition onto a century farm house?  Tasked with the seemingly impossible, Madison Taylor was able to integrate the flat roof addition by adding new colour, lines and flow to the original home. This allowed for a transition that looks purposeful and bold yet still kept the original home’s gentlemanly charm.

The Golden Ratio

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Our eyes are attracted to beautiful things, and designers exploit this fact to make us want their products. And what we find attractive can very often be described through a simple proportion—the golden rectangle. Case in point, the 2014 Aston Martin Rapide S (above), every detail of which, is governed by this 5:8 ratio.

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