Linx Kitchen & Social

Author: Madison Taylor

Category: Hospitality

Date: August 28, 2020

Candice: Linx Kitchen & Social is a blended combination of an amazing golf experience and a fantastic social space.

Jason: We are creating an atmosphere that everybody can play at. Whether it’s the couple that wants to come in during lunch, the business people that want to come in for a meeting and a golf game or just the date night couple that wants to come out have dinner and maybe try golf for the first time.

Madison: We were really excited when the Linx project approached us. My whole background and my experience is actually in the hospitality industry. Having that kind of background and then looping it in with an awesome hobby like golf, which I love to do, was just such a nice synergy.

Jason: Partnering with Madison Taylor was a no-brainer for us. We knew that we wanted to ensure that everything that we were doing was to the next level. We knew that she was the designer that would be able to make this happen.

Madison: When you’re designing a social space like this that has different aspects like a bar, a VIP corporate area and golf simulators, those things all really have to work really well together. Not only aesthetically but functionally as well. We’re trying to create a golf theme with an upscale environment by using different textures and colors that sort of bring those things in without making it too hokey or obvious.

Candice: When we were developing the concept that we are so passionate about, we definitely wanted to aim towards a place that you can escape to. When we found Madison Taylor, her understanding of our concepts, our designs, and our visions has allowed her to run right beside us the entire time.

Madison: We’re seeing a huge trend in creating an activity with hospitality environments. Being able to share food with friends and family but then also to be able to have an activity there to make it more interesting a little bit more fun. Linx has really really captured that.

Candice: We’re not just a golf lounge, we’re a social space.

Jason: Everything from our menu, to our cocktails, to our golf is going to be at that higher level.

Madison: It’s been such an amazing vision brought to us by Candice and Jason. They wanted to go big and they wanted to do it right and they had all the right teams in place to make that happen. There’s really nothing out there that will provide this level of hospitality.

Candice: We are so excited to bring this project to the Simcoe area.