Vetta Nordic Spa

Author: Madison Taylor

Category: Hospitality

Date: September 25, 2020

Madison: We’re really excited about this new project that we’ve been working on. It’s been probably about three years in the making. It’s called Vetta, it’s a Nordic experience. It’s so cool seeing the construction actually starting to build this vision. It’s amazing really.

Eric: We built a team and started in 2018. One thing we realized was that interior design needed to have some bench strength. A lot of integration, a lot of coordination that went on and Madison Taylor and her group were a vital part of that team.

Madison: This was definitely a huge dream for Erik and Donna. They’re coming fresh out of careers and using this passion and all this knowledge from their Finnish background to put a really really cool experience together.

Eric: We’re all busy, we’re all full of stress and anxiety, so we need Vetta for that place to really unwind and so we can leave and feel like we can take on the world’s challenges.

Madison: We’ve got a thirteen thousand square foot building, we also have massive landscaping and there’s multiple buildings that are on this project, so it’s amazing the time and the collaboration that it takes to put something like this together. Scandinavian design really plays off natural materials and keeping things sort of raw. You’re surrounded by trees, you’re surrounded by the ski hills in the winter and snow, so we really wanted to accentuate using natural materials.

Melissa: The whole experience is really around Nordic culture and a lot of the design is minimalist, clean lines and still with the raw natural textures. It’s really important to make sure that all the
materials were selecting are gonna function, be durable as well as look beautiful.

Eric: We had one shot to do this right and she ensured that there’s certain aspects in the interior that are a wow factor. People will come in and see that mountain drop setting with a bird’s lighting. You don’t see that in a typical design. Those pods that are in the restaurant are very Scandinavian looking. Those elements are all captured by the Madison Taylor group. Vetta is going to be a place where we can really enjoy each other’s company and recharge and rejuvenate. That’s what it’s all about.

Madison: This location is going to put Barrie and Horseshoe Valley on the map. I mean it’s massive. The project is something that a lot of people across Canada are going to know about and I do
think that this is a project that’s going to continue to expand into new locations because it’s such a great idea.