What is Integrated Design?

Author: Madison Taylor

Category: General

Date: August 6, 2020

Building a house is really exciting, it’s a lot of people’s dream. Often that dream gets crushed because of budget and timeline issues.

Originally we were interior designers and we often worked with external architects. We just found that when we would get into these plans and really learn what the client was looking for, the plans didn’t support that story. We were often working back with the architects, making those revisions, coming back to us, doing this flip-flop at the clients expense and frustration as well.

We’ve really passioned our self on putting together a package called integrated design. Integrated design is basically the philosophy of taking all your disciplines and intertwining them all
within one roof so that you have that synergy and we’re all working towards that one end goal.

We look at a house as one vision. With that vision there’s obviously a lot of different components but we still need to treat it as one vision. We start our houses on the interior design side, that’s where the skill lies with the layouts and the function but they’re very much working hand in hand with those architectural teams because we need to understand what the impact is of the structure. It’s just kind of this fluid dance that happens in the office between the two different teams. It’s back and forth throughout the whole process even into the interior decorating side and the landscaping. It’s being massaged and molded as one piece.

We have everything detailed cocking colors, flashing colors, window manufacturers, soffit, fascia, siding, stone, everything that you need to know about building that home is somewhere in our
drawings. It’s really paint-by-numbers.

We don’t want to make any assumptions that the builders gonna make the choice that we’re thinking. We also want to make sure that he’s quoting properly so if the information’s there the quoting is usually accurate to what we’ve drawn. Builders love it. We provide them with all that information so that they can do what they’re good at. This way, they’re not hand holding the client and pick colors, which leads to budgets and timelines that are much more accurate and promising.

We expose everything, we don’t hide anything the way we build, the way we use our time, the way we make selections. I think that clients deserve transparency.

We see our clients houses going up on time, on budget, they’re happy, they’re excited. When you’re not stressed by the time you’re moving in, it’s just so much more exciting to have that final product.