Project Lake Joe – Episode 1

Author: Madison Taylor

Category: Project Lake Joe

Date: August 27, 2020

Narrator: We’re Madison Taylor, a design firm specializing in high-end architectural and interior design. Each year we select a few exclusive integrated design and build projects that we carry from concept to completion, finishing them with our in-house construction services. We are bringing you behind the scenes, as we take on these unique projects. You will get a sneak peek as our team creates, overcomes hurdles and delivers the final masterpiece.

Madison: We’re driving up to Muskoka right now, where we have a brand new build on Lake Joe. It’s got a really unique scope of work. We’re revitalizing and existing boat house, we’re tearing down an existing cottage and building something new and we’re also building a detached garage.

This is an existing cottage that they’ve owned for about 15 years and have a lot of memories built into. We’re trying to respect that and really build something new for them that will work with their new lifestyle but will also bring in some of those old pieces to really capture some of the memories they’ve built.

Today I’m meeting up with Chris Madden president of Tamarack North. We are so excited that Tamarack has been selected to build this home. Tamarack has earned an excellent reputation as luxury building company and we are really excited to partner with them. Chris and I have a busy day today with several meetings, starting with Kevin at Chervin Kitchen and Bath. This cottage will have lots of custom cabinetry and mil work, so we need to go over the quotes and details together.

Chris and I are heading back to Tamarack headquarters. We have all the other trades scheduled to come in so we can review their plans and quotes.

Chris: We’re excited to be doing this project for Madison Taylor. A brand new designer to Tamarack. We were delighted to make the association with and looking forward to a clean build over the next 12 months.

Madison: First we met up with Steve McNair of McNair Electric. It’s really important for our client to have smart home automation systems implemented and these guys are really an experience with that.

Next we had Kirby hall from Hall Construction. He’s going to be doing the excavating and site works, which can actually be really challenging on these rocky lakefront landscapes.

Last up, we met with Brady from B&R Heating. These guys have been amazing to work with. They’re super knowledgeable when it comes to geothermal and radiant floor heating which is the type of system we’re going to be putting into this home.

We’ve really procured such a great team to put this project together and I’m super pumped. Honestly, we couldn’t have found better people and I think it’s just gonna be so great. And it’s Friday and I’m on my way back down the highway in the opposite direction of the traffic so this is always good news too.