Project Lake Joe – Episode 2

Author: Madison Taylor

Category: Project Lake Joe

Date: September 3, 2020

Narrator: We’re Madison Taylor, a design firm specializing in high-end architectural and interior design. Each year we select a few exclusive integrated design and build projects that we carry from concept to completion, finishing them with our in-house construction services. We are bringing you behind the scenes, as we take on these unique projects. You will get a sneak peek as our team creates, overcomes hurdles and delivers the final masterpiece.

Madison: We are back up at Project Lake Joe and it is freezing. If you can’t tell by my breath and my red nose. The guys are working away, really strong up here. They’re moving super quick. Progress has been amazing regardless of the weather and the temperature and everything that they’ve been dealing with.

We’re just here to do a little bit of a walk-through with the site super. He’s got some questions for us, just kind of going over some of the details as they pull them together. We just want to make sure the drawings are helpful and that all the little details are there before they start to close in with drywall

Kyle: My name is Kyle. I’m the site super on site here. I work for Tamarack North. I’ve been working close with Madison Taylor on this project. They’ve been a very awesome team to work with. The plans that Madison has put out are very detailed. Not a lot of plans have that finish on them and that’s one thing I really like about working with her.

So in the last few weeks on site, one of our biggest and major accomplishments has been our windows. Our building right now is waterproofed with our windows being in and our ice and water being on the roof. I have my siding guys outside, they’re putting up soffit, siding, and fascia. The builds been awesome and the house is coming along very well and the clients are very happy.

Madison: One of the things we were most excited about watching the progress on was the window package. The windows are definitely a key element of this design. We kind of wanted to take this
traditional Muskoka style and sort of modernize it and clean up the lines a little bit by doing some more simple detailing, larger glass with simple detailing on the glass. So it’s really more about those views and about all the environment kind of around the home. Taking those and bringing them into the house. As soon as you come in the front entry, you basically have this huge vault that cuts through the whole house and you just get straight views right out to the water. So it was really awesome to see those pieces come together and watch the windows go in.

Melissa: It’s so exciting to get out of the office and go on-site. The clients are here, so fun to see them again. I’ve been looking at these drawings for a long time and planning everything. It is exciting to walk through because at this point I can kind of see everything that we planned for the interior. But it’s not here yet. So it’s not quite my reward just yet.

Madison: You know working through the winter is pretty typical living in Canada. We have this awesome season. Up north it does get a little bit more snowy and a little bit colder so there’s a few things that do slow down a little bit. Any kind of concrete work slows down and we obviously can’t get into any of the exterior stone work with the mortar, but they’re still flipping away putting up the siding or getting steel roofing put on. Sun is shining today which makes it really helpful. But a pretty great winter in terms of cold and snow this year.

There’s definitely a lot that we need to accomplish on this property. We have the demolition, the blasting and then obviously the build itself. Then there’s quite a bit of landscape work that has to come. So in saying all that we have July first move-in date, so it is very very very tight. The biggest thing that we like to mention about our package is it allows these timelines to be tight because everything is pre-planned and pre-decided so that you’re not making those decisions through the schedule.

This is one of our first few times that we’ve worked with these these teams up here on this project and it’s been amazing. They’re so thorough, they’re so detail-oriented and it’s just been a
really really good collaboration. They really understand our drawings and it’s just been really smooth and seamless the whole process.