Project Shoreview: Episode 2

Author: Madison Taylor

Category: Project Shoreview

Date: August 20, 2020

Narrator: We’re Madison Taylor, a design firm specializing in high-end architectural and interior design. Each year we select a few exclusive integrated design and build projects that we carry from concept to completion, finishing them with our in-house construction services. We are bringing you behind the scenes, as we take on these unique projects. You will get a sneak peek as our team creates, overcomes hurdles and delivers the final masterpiece.

Madison: With so many projects and a growing team, we have to start each week with a meeting so that we can discuss all our integrated design builds.

Anyway Rick, thank you for coming in, I know you want to get to the site this morning, anxious probably on Monday, just a really quick update for where we are at with drywall.

Rick: We are boarded and taping today. They bumped a couple of the projects, they’re going to put five guys on, so we get it done by the 27th. I went over with Danielle about scheduling, so we’ve got painters and doors being delivered.

Madison: We’re almost into the goodies. So close. Rick I know you want to get out of here. Call us if you need anything.

And on that note, drywall, when that’s done, we have to get the next draw out to the client. If you can kind of preliminary send her out of email just letting her know where we’re at and that she’s going to be getting that invoice shortly. That would be great.

Stephanie: My name is Stephanie Martin and I am the Accounts Manager for Madison Taylor Design. I deal with clients and money and finances I am not a designer, I’m not an architect, I get asked that all the time. They’ll say “Oh, you work for Madison Taylor Design, what do you do? and I say “Oh I do her accounting”. I definitely a standout because I’m different, I’m not the artistic one, I’m kind of the black sheep of the family with the money.

Madison: I’m here at Project Shoreview. We’ve got this beautiful sun, which I think all us Canadians have been looking for. I’m going to meet up with Scott just to see how progress is making out.

Scott: We have the painters on site. Everything’s going to be one coated today. We have the tile installers today coming to install the Detra, prepping for floors and the stucco guy is here.

Madison: Yeah I noticed. He’s cruising pretty well with the foam work and everything. This whole house is stucco, so we were all kind of waiting for the weather to clear and everything to warm up to get these guys here because it’s gonna be a pretty big piece.

Taylor is one of our carpenters on site. Right now we’re standing out in the three-season porch because basically we’ve had to come up with this framing detail, in order to incorporate automated roller shades that will be built into the system and then comes through these archways.

Taylor: Each one of these open spaces is gonna be filled with an archway, so we’ve got to build it on the outside and the inside to leave a gap in between for the roller shape. We figured out a better way to do it, less time, less materials.

Madison: This is Dan Allen, he is our painter for all of our projects actually. He’s always got his tunes rolling and is a good personality to have on the site.

Dan: The go-to color is pure white by Sherwin Williams. However, this time it’s different, it’s paperweight. It’s got that touch more yellow in it.

Madison: We┬áreally went out on a limb with this house. We went with a different shade of white. One of the main reasons why we use white is because it’s just such a good backdrop. Often in these houses, we have tons of features in the tile, different textures of wood, different materials that we’re using and we really want that to stand out so white just gives such a nice backdrop so some of those things can really pop. We love white.

We love using Stairhaus our projects and they really understand how to align with our goals and the quality that we’re looking for in a company. Been about six years that they’ve been putting stairs into our houses. They can honestly build anything. They’re gonna kill it on this house.

The calm before the storm was the drywall everything was kind of slow, it really looked like nothing was happening and now we’re just at the start of all the action coming back in. We’re going to start to see cabinetry and tile and glass and light fixtures and all those things that are those long-awaited excitements for the client. This is kind of where everyone starts to get antsy and things just start rolling. It’s gonna be pretty exciting!